Pope Resources' North Kitsap Lands

What's your legacy going to be? 



  • Signed an 18-month contract with Forterra on September 28, 2011 that enables Forerra to search for conservation funding to purchase as much land as possible from the OPG/Pope Resources North Kitsap holdings
  • Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition was formed by a variety of interest groups to find additional funding for the purchase of Pope Resources North Kitsap holdings



  • Submit Port Gamble Town Plan [Redevelopment Plan was submitted to Kitsap County on January 17, 2013]
  • Resume harvesting [harvesting did not resume in 2012 due to conflicts with the community]



  • Port Gamble Redevelopment Plan was submitted to Kitsap County on January 17, 2013
  • Consent Decree was signed with the Department of Ecology regarding the environmental clean-up of Port Gamble Bay in December
  • Option contract with Forterra expires on March 28, 2013 but has been extended



  • Approval for the Port Gamble Town Plan
  • Conduct final dredging in Gamble Bay