Pope Resources' North Kitsap Lands

What's your legacy going to be? 

What will your legacy be?

Opportunities become limited...

Here is what Olympic Property Group has proposed since 2008.  An 800-unit clustered development (as depicted on the Port Gamble block in yellow).  This would have allowed us the economics to leave the rest of our acreage (6,000+ acres) in open space into perpetuity.  This proposal has been rejected by tribes, agencies and environmental groups.


800-Unit Clustered Development

This layout exists today.  We currently own 331, 20-acre+/- parcels in Hansville, Port Gamble and The Divide.  It was submitted as a survey to Kitsap County and recorded on February 13, 2009.  This is our current option...to sell our established 20-acre parcels to private owners, no public access.




North Kitsap 20-Acre Parcel Map



On September 28, 2011, Pope Resources and Forterra entered into an 18-month Option Agreement.    Subsets of the property can be purchased in five individual blocks; the Divide Block, the Hansville Block, the Option Property, the Port Gamble Upland Block and the Port Gamble Shoreline Block.  If Option 3 doesn't come to fruition, it is anticipated that Option 2 will be pursued by the Pope Resources.

The Option Agreement has been extended giving the Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition and Forterra more time to raise the funding needed to purchase the land.

The Shoreline Block south of the town of Port Gamble, over 500 acres, is currently under contract with Forterra and is scheduled to close in early 2014.