Pope Resources' North Kitsap Lands

What's your legacy going to be? 

Legacy - Le-ga-cy [leg-gu-see], noun


1.  In law, a gift of property; a bequest

2.  Anything handed down from the past, as from a predecessor


What will the legacy be for those of us who love the forest lands and shorelines in north Kitsap County?

Will it be for thousands of acres of open space acquired with little or no taxpayer expense through a forward-thinking, public-private partnership?

Will it be carefully designed sustainable development, clustered around existing communities, which have minimal impact on the county's environment and natural beauty?

Or will it be a maze of smaller developments built individually and without vision, interspersed with harvested timberlands, that eliminates public access to the forests, trails and waterfront?

At Pope Resources, we're moving forward with our long-stated goal to liquidate our property holdings in north Kitsap County.  We tried and ultimately failed to design and broker a win-win solution that meets our business objectives and provides lasting public good.

A lasting legacy of open space and planned development can still be achieved, but it requires action, collaboration and public participation.  It also requires that you stand up and get involved if this land means something to you.

This web site will help you understand the background of Pope's property in north Kitsap County, the challenges ahead and how you can participate in developing a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Trails forever