Pope Resources' North Kitsap Lands

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Kitsap Forest & Bay Project Facts

Company Facts

Pope Resources


Pope Resources is a publicly traded Master Limited Partnership listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol POPE. Pope Resources has a heritage as a land and timber owner in the Pacific Northwest that goes back for over 150 years. Today, our assets include 114,000 acres of productive fee timberland, and a 20% co-investment in 61,000 timberland acres owned by our Timber Funds. In addition, we own 2,500 acres of development property, most of which is within a 50-mile radius of Seattle.


Pope Resources is engaged in three primary businesses.  The first, and by far most significant segment in terms of owned assets and operations, is the Fee Timber segment.  This segment includes timberlands owned directly by the Partnership and operations of Fund I and Fund II.  Operations in this segment consist of growing timber to be harvested as logs for sale to export brokers and domestic manufacturers.  The second most significant business in terms of total assets owned is the development and sale of real estate.  Real Estate activities primarily take form of securing permits, entitlements, and, in some cases, installing infrastructure for raw land development and then realizing that land's value by the selling of larger parcels to buyers who will take the land further up the value chain, either to home buyers or to operators and lessors of commercial property.  Our third business is raising and investing capital from third parties for private equity timber funds and managing the timberland owned by both these funds and unaffiliated owners.


Olympic Resource Management


Olympic Resource Management (ORM) is a Pope Resources company specializing in timberland management and investments in the timber asset class.  ORM manages the timberland portfolios owned by Pope Resources and the Timber Funds with recent experience including third-party management of 1.5 million acres of investment grade timberlands in the western United States and Canada.


Olympic Property Group


Olympic Property Group (OPG), also a Pope Resources subsidiary, excels in creating value from timberland and real estate properties in the Pacific Northwest.  OPG manages land development activities across a number of real estate properties, and applies its real estate expertise to timberlands owned by Pope Resources and the Timber Funds. It also manages the historic town of Port Gamble, Washington, a unique treasure of the region.

North Kitsap Property Facts

Pope Resources North Kitsap Holdings in Total:    Approximately 8,000 acres



Port Gamble Block


Hansville Block


Hansville Nursery






The Divide


The Option Property


Point No Point


Port Gamble Town











Lands included in conservation focus:


  1. Port Gamble Uplands Block
  2. Hansville Block
  3. The Divide
  4. The Heritage Park Addition Block aka The Option Property
  5. Port Gamble Shoreline Block